Lecture Notes in Physics

Students nowadays can be pretty demanding about wanting the teacher’s PowerPoints, lecture notes, and other written forms of the content presented in class. And a lot of teachers are supplying those, in part trying to be responsive to students but also because many students now lack note-taking skills. If they can’t take good notes, why not help them succeed by supplying them with notes?

Therefore, this collection of physics lecture notes is dedicated for those who find it difficult to make their own notes, and also for anyone who is willing to expand his/her knowledge either targeting an exam or targeting general awareness. 

About the Creator of the Lecture Notes in Physics

Mr. S.T.Sadeeshvara Udayanga is a PhD candidate at the university of Waikato, New Zealand. Previously, he was attached to the Research Council of University of Kelaniya. He graduated with a 1st class honors degree in physics and has a Diploma in Information Technology as well. Apart from this collection of lecture notes, he maintains another collection of eBooks available at: http://www.physicsebookcollection.com/

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